Let leftover season begin! The critters have been enjoying such traditional rat holiday recipes as, "stuffing mix crumbs drizzled with last of eggnog," "wilted vegetable salad," "bowl of turkey parts (misc)," and the coveted dessert item, "food-paper from chocolate cupcake." They are filled with scavenger-ly joy. And sleep. Mainly sleep. They spend most of the day snoozing in an amorphous wad of rat fur, with the occasional tail poking out. But when they're awake, they're thrilled.

I have been faring less well. I haven't posted much because I've spent the past couple of months cycling between being in a phlegmy coma and being in a state I can only describe as "annoyingly high". I caught some kind of respiratory something in early October, and every time I start to get over it, I catch another thing. Or relapse, I'm not sure. I keep wobbling between able to medicate myself back to stupid but otherwise normal, and hacking so hard I can be holed up in my own bed under all of the blankets and get a Facebook message from my roommate at the exact other end of the apartment going, "Man, your cough sounds awful." Sleeping for up to 14 hours a day is incompatible with doing much with my free time.

The sleeping thing is a bit worrying. I normally sleep a lot when I feel terrible, physically or emotionally; the holidays are lousy for my mental state, mainly because I have no family worth speaking of, and everyone I would normally talk to when this gets to me is busy with other things. It's usually something I'm more or less aware of, though. I wake up, I think 'I should get out of bed', I totally fail to do that, eventually I go 'sod it', roll over, and go back to sleep. All the coughing is so tiring that I just conk out and wake up half a day later, having completely ignored the alarm that went off hours ago. I'd wonder about mono, but it didn't kick off with a sore throat.

In any case, it's starting to shove off now. I can tell, because I'm no longer breaking out like an angsty teen. Whenever I have a cold, my immune system understandably decides it has better things to do than hassle the clumps of P. acnes on my face. I'm sure constantly having to mop at my nose doesn't help things.

I'm also incredibly lazy about feeding myself when I'm tired all the time, which is how I woke up at 10:30 this morning, and managed to shamble out to the kitchen to make French toast around 4. I'm fine with the eating part, when I'm not physically ill, but I think shopping, cooking, plating, cleaning, etc., is a gigantic pain in the ass, and pretty much the only time I will ever bother to assemble something more complex than "a bowl of pasta with stuff in" is for some sort of special occasion.

On the bright side, thanks to Suki cleaning out her closet, I have a holiday dress. I've volunteered to usher for The Slutcracker a couple of nights, so I have something to do. And also so I don't have to buy a ticket, since all the money I already don't have is going into costuming for my own performance at First Night downtown. The Hynes Convention Center is not serving any alcohol, but in compensation they've decided we get to staff a room full of fantastic weirdos and tits. I know they'll have at least one stilt-walker, because she's a friend of mine, and I half-pestered a belly dancer who specializes in sword balancing to throw her name into the hat. Other people I've caught rehearsing, constructing, fitting, and negotiating are the living warrior goddess statues, some standing vignettes, a variety of designers (I don't know what exactly they're all doing, but I've heard phrases like 'steampunk Alice' bandied about), and our poor beleaguered A/V dude. Myself, I am putting together a striptease and possibly a hoop number, they haven't gotten back to me on how much time I'll have between performances to change costume and makeup.

[If you'd like to support the show, we have a GoFundMe page here, and if you'd just like to support me, I have a Patreon page here, and a PayPal account at miss,arabella.flynn@gmail.com. And if you're a local with a video camera, let me know -- we're looking for a volunteer videographer, and I would really like footage of this number in action.]

I'm also readying the annual advent calendar for both me and for Circlet, so you lot should be getting a steady stream of random amusing objects and smut for the month of December. You can follow my blog here, obviously; all of the entries are linked to from Facebook and Twitter, and echoed to tumblr, along with everything I've put on Watch Later on YouTube, favorited on Last.fm, thrown at Instagram for reading on the Kindle, or looked at for long enough to click the delicio.us bookmark button, because tumblr is for the easily bored and concentration-impaired.