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I am beginning to think my previous stabs at partnered dancing failed because I started with the wrong strata.

Casual dance classes are full of people who are mainly in social dance for the social aspect. I never managed to learn much of anything in what I tried. I'm super uncomfortable being pawed by random strangers. Technically, they teach you that you can turn down any dance for any reason, but in a class setting... yeah, not really so much. Your time is limited and everyone has to practice with someone. Flailing around with someone else who is just flailing around also doesn't do anything to tell me what I'm supposed to be working towards. Overall F- as an experience.

Dance events, where people go after they've had a few classes to practice, have got much the same sort of crowd, just less apt to lurch around at random. I was aware that the whole process of leading and following involved a lot of non-verbal signals. I'm wicked good at languages, and I'm app…

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