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Update on the crazy things I am doing!

Phoebe officially announced the Mrs Hawking proof of concept film project at our Watch City show, so I can officially announce it here! We are actually still in the market for volunteer crew for the entire shoot, and volunteer extras for a ballroom scene shooting on June 19th. See the link for more details, or email We seem to have finally been successful at hammering the importance of crowdfunding into Phoebe's head, so you will also notice a Donate link down at the bottom, just in case you can't join us but would like to throw a few bucks our way nonetheless.

My wonderful brand-new dance company Found Objects has gotten an official time and place for our debut performance, as part of the Festival of Us, You, We, & Them: June 24th, 12-12:50 pm, on the patio outside the Dance Complex (536 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA). There will be six of us with vibrantly rainbow fan veils, five of whom have never tried using them before! Come see what a few …

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